Kelly Lab at UVA

Pancreatic Cancer
Cardiac Regeneration
Phage Engineering

  • Cell picture taken by Dr. Siva Dasa
  • Plectin Peptide
  • Microcentrifuge Tubes
  • Labwork
  • Bacteria Plates
  • Model of a T4 phage made by Alex Zorychta
  • Pipettes
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Dr. Kelly has been dedicated to molecular imaging graduate and undergraduate education. In her first year at UVa, Dr. Kelly developed a Nanomedicine concentration in the Engineering School that consists of minors in BME, Materials Science, and Chemistry. In addition, she has developed two new classes: Nanomedicine, an advanced fourth year class for undergraduates, and Medical Imaging, an advanced elective for Engineering graduate students. Both focus on the engineering and design of instrumentation and imaging agents.

Nanomedicine (BME 4890)

Students will design treatment strategies for cancer and cardiovascular disease based on molecular bioengineering principles. Special topics will include design of nanoparticle drug and gene delivery platforms, materials biocompatibility, cancer immunotherapy, and molecular imaging. Prerequisite: BME 2104 or CHE 2246, BME 2220, fourth-year standing, or instructor permission; Recommended: BME 2240

Imaging Anatomy Physiology (BME 6550)

Applies engineering science, design methods, and system analysis to developing areas and current problems in biomedical engineering.